Unconventional Diet Tips That Might Work For You

There are a lot of diet tips designed for people who are sensitive, and who need all of the help they can get pushing away negative thoughts during the dieting process. But maybe you’re tough—maybe you don’t need a diet that babies you, and maybe you’re motivated by a little tough love. There are diet tips that try to help you create long-lasting, sustainable habits, believing that crash methods will just cause you to bounce back to old routines. But maybe you can handle a little crash dieting because you know where the fine line is between going off a diet and eating the entire frozen food section. If you often go off the beaten path and do things your own way, then maybe you’ll benefit from these unconventional diet tips. Just don’t tell your nutritionist or therapist you heard them here.

Wear your skinny clothes

Don’t run from them; consider them your only option. Think about how uncomfortable you are in those extra-right jeans, and think about how much more uncomfortable you’ll be if you eat that third slice of pizza.