Unconventional Road Trip Destinations Across Canada

Photo: motorhead0168 on Instagram 

Due to its enormous size and beautiful scenery, exploring the True North from coast to coast is an adventurous travel option for the avid roadtripper. We all know that road trips are a great bonding experience, and that the obstacles you experience along the way become memories you will never forget. From the scenery of Saskatchewan to the quaint charm of Prince Edward Island, Canada is full of gorgeous travel destinations. If you’re looking for a journey which will take you off the beaten path (more specifically, onto a new highway), look no further than Real Style’s roundup of unique road trip ideas. 


Calm and scenic Prince Albert National Park is located about six hours away from Calgary. You can go canoeing in the park, or enjoy a swim in Waskesiu Lake. A picnic is always a good idea, but if you’re looking for somewhere to stay overnight, it’s also a great spot for camping. After your visit to the park, try driving to Saskatoon to see roadside attractions and eye-catching monuments. 


Not many people travel to the Yukon, especially when compared to other areas in Canada, but what those people don’t know is that Yukon is just as beautiful! Take a road trip from Whitehorse to Dawson and visit Tombstone Territorial Park along the way. You can take a hike up Tombstone Mountain, and enjoy being in the wilderness and among nature. While a hotel is probably not an option, you can always go camping or possibly even stay in a cabin. If you’re looking for an adventure far away from the city limits, than the Yukon just might be your destination. 

Newfoundland Labrador

If you’re looking for somewhere with a nice view, drive the Baccalieu Trail to see the Avalon Peninsula, which is filled with quirky towns and wilderness.  There are lots of sights to see like the Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve, where you can possibly see whales. You can enjoy lunch inside the Ferry Land Lighthouse, while taking in the scenery.  If you’re in need of a spot to see the Atlantic Ocean, Girates Cove is the place to go for a hike. 

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is one of Canada’s many beautiful provinces. Many of us know PEI as the home of the famous Green Gables House, but did you know that the island also makes for a tranquil road trip? You can visit Avonlea Village to pick up souvenirs from the small town shops and enjoy some local dining. All types of food are available, from seafood and pizza to brunch spots like Samuel’s Coffee House. While you’re there, venture up to Charlottetown and take a look at the Victorian era houses.