Unconventional Tips On How To Survive 35 Years Of Marriage

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a couple celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary and I could see instantly that they were best friends. I could see it, for one thing, because they were celebrating their anniversary in Las Vegas. That tells me several things including 1) They don’t take life or themselves too seriously. They didn’t require some ballroom at the Hyatt to celebrate their anniversary. It’s okay that college kids were drinking out of plastic cups shaped like boobs around them. 2) They don’t struggle with jealousy. Las Vegas is a city of sin…and very small outfits…and can be a tough place for some insecure couples and 3) They love to party together. And I could tell that they genuinely loved being around one another. So I had to ask them if they had any advice for a successful marriage, and I got these quirky tips.

Don’t live near your in-laws

Do you want to avoid half a lifetime of fighting with your spouse because you let your parents give too much input on how you should decorate your house, invest your funds and raise your kids? Do you want to not struggle to find time for a date night, because you don’t fill up half of your weekends having dinner with your family? Then don’t live near your in-laws. Live a two-hour drive away. That way, you can see them when you want, but they won’t be in your business. When you see each other, they’ll be so grateful for the time with you (because it’s rare) that they won’t want to talk too much about mortgages and home décor.