‘Undercover Boss’ Employee Jabs Boss for Struggling to Unscrew Pipe in Sneak Peek: ‘It’s Pretty Easy’

Spring cleaning comes early! Undercover Boss’ Wednesday, January 11, episode features AdvantaClean CEO and founder Jeff Dudan learning that removing a sink is not as simple as he might have imagined.

The CBS unscripted series’ new episode centers on Dudan meeting with employees of the company that helps make homes clean and energy-efficient. The sneak peek shows Dudan having transformed into new hire “Dusty” and meeting with employee Kyle to pull a sink from someone’s home.

“Kyle shared with me that he’s a veteran,” Dudan tells the camera from the job site. “What that tells me is he’s had responsibility, so I’m excited to see how that discipline and demeanor plays into the job today.”

Kyle instructs “Dusty” by explaining, “So first up is going to be taking that sink out.”

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But the task proves difficult for Dudan, who tells the camera, “I’m a bit of a frustrated tool user, to be honest with you. Trying to get my arm back there, that was a hassle for me.”

Kyle is a bit baffled as to why “Dusty” is struggling with removing the pipe. “Lefty-loosey, righty-tighty,” Kyle says to the camera. “It’s pretty easy.”

Last week’s episode showed Renee Maloney, cofounder and CFO of Painting with a Twist, dressing up as “Savannah.” She spoke a little too softly while greeting customers at one location, leading a franchise owner to declare about the CFO, “She was very quiet. … She’s sucking the life out of me.”

Watch the clip above. Undercover Boss airs on CBS Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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