Upgrades For A More Female-Friendly Workplace

As someone who has worked in several industries, I know that most workspaces—from offices to restaurants to even theaters—could use some upgrades to make them a bit more female friendly. Everywhere I’ve worked, I’ve had to give myself a little pep talk and put on imaginary emotional armor just to walk in each day. That’s not to say I’ve worked in places that were particularly hostile towards women, but I will say that it was so clear that the men there felt right at home, right away. They didn’t worry that at any given moment, someone may make a subtly sexist comment that could ruin their day. And they didn’t speak up with timidity in their voice, and fear that someone would question their intelligence or even their right to speak. Nope—that’s the plight of women in the workplace. Here are upgrades for a more female friendly workplace that every industry should consider.

Ask females higher up to be mentors

Female mentorship programs can be a tremendous way to help females feel comfortable pursuing higher positions and to train them in how to do it. Women can often feel intimidated to ask their male superiors to mentor them, and may not feel as encouraged to pursue higher positions as men do. Create a mentorship program between the high up females in the company and the female staff.