Uzo Aduba Recounts Being Attacked By A Bird In Antarctica


Recently actress Uzo Aduba sat down with the women of “The Talk” to chat about her recent trip to Antarctica. Aduba was visiting the chilly locale as it was the last continent she had yet to visit. While there, she decided to stand up paddle board. What happened next, was an adventure.

“I was asking so many questions when we were getting out of the boat. I was like, ‘Are you sure, this can balance a whole person?’ ‘Are you sure this is wide enough?’ They were like, ‘No, it’s going to be great.’ So, we go out and it’s really quiet there. Peaceful. There’s no anything. We’re paddling along. We’re having a good time and this bird…it’s a hawk, really. Do you see that?

Julie Chen: He’s coming for you.

Aduba: Yes he is. And do not come for me when I do not send for you. I put my [paddle] up. The bird was so wide. It was huge. It was circling all of us. I was so scared. It started shaking the paddle board. And the guy I was with, this Australian guy was like, ‘Don’t show fear!’ And I was like ‘But I’m afraid!’

Chen: How did you get rid of it?

Aduba: Well, you have to stand with your paddle completely still. I was like wobbling noises. It went away and then it circled back around. I had a pom pom on my hat, which I thought was cute. It wanted my pom pom.

Watch Aduba tell the story in the video below.