Warm Up Your Visage With Winter’s Trendy Grey Lipstick- Here’s How

Photo: davalbeauty on Instagram

While it may seem like an unlikely colour choice, grey lipstick has been gracing the pouts of beauty addicts everywhere. In fact, slate-coloured lips are set to make a grand appearance in 2017, with grayish tones replacing pastel pinks as a wintry go-to colour choice.

For anyone worried about sporting this unusual lipstick choice without looking pale or washed out, the trick is to combine your grey lips with a bright makeup look. On Instagram, metallic grey pouts have been increasingly combined with sparkling eyes and vibrant eyeshadow. With the addition of luxurious long lashes and flushed cheeks, grey lips can look surprisingly chic and elegant. Whether you have a natural porcelain complexion or darker tan skin, grey matte lipstick or liquid lips can immediately diversify your beauty look.

As a more approachable take on winter’s trend of gothic glamour, grey lipstick just may be worth a shot for the evening hours. If you’re not quite ready to experiment with the season’s silvery white locks (and we can’t blame you if aren’t up to that challenge), this lip trend is a perfect compromise. Before you step out the door with a perfectly outlined grey pout, take a look at these sexy and edgy examples of this rising lip colour fad.

Photo: ritueldefille on Instagram 

Photo: anastasiiamskl on Instagram