WARNING: Multiple Baby Formula Brands RECALLED Worldwide After Infants Poisoned With Salmonella

A worldwide recall has been issued by baby formula company Lactalis, which is known more commercially by brands like Milumel, Picot, and Celie.

Originating in France, health officials declared that since early December a total of 26 infants have become sick with salmonella.

The milk, which comes in a powder form, has currently been recalled in Britain, Morocco, Greece, Sudan, Colombia, Peru, Pakistan, China, and Bangladesh.

The United States, however, despite being one of the company’s major purchasers, is not part of the recall list, reports The Daily Mail.

According to The Daily Mail:

“Company spokesman Michel Nalet told The Associated Press on Monday that the ‘precautionary’ recall affects ‘several million’ products made since mid-February.

“Lactalis said in a statement that the 26 cases of infection were linked to products branded Picot SL, Pepti Junior 1, Milumel Bio 1 and Picot Riz.

“It said it is ‘sincerely sorry for the concern generated by the situation and expresses its compassion and support to the families whose children fell ill.’”

Salmonella poisoning is rarely lethal, inducing symptoms like abdominal cramps, fevers, and diarrhea.

However, it is particularly dangerous for infants given their weaker immune systems, often exacerbated by dehydration and requiring hospital treatment.

Lactalis has confirmed they found a possible origin of the contamination, located at a tower used in production to dry the milk.

Procedures to clean and disinfect the site, which is located in Western France, have begun.

The news is a major concern for parents who are already worried enough about their children’s health.

From vaccines to flu shots and beyond, health can be both a necessary yet intimidating topic for mothers and fathers.

Breastfeeding has also become increasingly popular in recent years, which many claiming it has superior benefits over dry powder milk:

Sources: The Daily Mail