Watch Dinner on ‘Southern Charm New Orleans’ Get Very Awkward, Very Fast

In New Orleans, nothing is off limits. “Hidden away from the beer, boobs and beads of Bourbon Street is a high society of wealth, champagne and costume balls, with a healthy dash of voodoo magic.” That’s the tagline for Bravo’s new Southern Charm spinoff, New Orleans. In Us Weekly’s exclusive sneak peek of the Sunday, April 15, season premiere, the tight-knit group begins to crack — and drama ensues.

Tamica Lee, a socialite who’s outrageous, unapologetic and completely unafraid to speak her mind, and husband Barry Smith, a fitness guru dedicated to helping athletes, are the first topic of conversation telling the group that they’re rarely having sex anymore.

“When you get married, sex changes. It’s life, it’s children, it’s time,” Tamica tells the group. Her husband responds, “I think it’s a breach of contract!” Their mutual friend Reagan Charleston seems to agree with Barry.

“Take one for the team,” she tells the camera. “It’s like five minutes of your time … two, probably, because Barry’s been waiting so long.”

However, Tamica quickly changes the topic from her own relationship to Justin Reese’s and his girlfriend. “Do y’all live together now? Are you all getting married soon?” she asks, and it’s clear that neither of them want to talk about it.

Justin refuses to answer and gets up from the table. In a confessional, Justin gets even more frustrated. “Our relationship is our relationship,” he says.” Tamica coming hot … she needs to redirect that hotness toward Barry!”

Southern Charm New Orleans premieres on Bravo Sunday, April 15, at 9 p.m. ET.

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