Watch Jon Bon Jovi And Lady Gaga Duet At Hillary Clinton Rally


The night before the big election, Hillary Clinton held her final midnight rally in Raleigh, North Carolina. Bruce Springsteen was there, singing a couple of his songs including Dancing in the Dark, but it was Jon Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga who stole the show as they teamed up to sing one of Bon Jovi’s biggest hits.

It might be the only time you will ever see Lady Gaga and Jon Bon Govi singing the 1986 hit, Livin’ On A Prayer together, but it’s worth it. Gaga joined Bon Jovi on stage as he played an acoustic guitar for the performance. She wore a white cowboy hat, and proudly displayed a Vote pin. The duet was unexpected, but fun. It wasn’t the only headline Gaga was making though. She also took to the podium to deliver a heartfelt speech.

Gaga urged those in attendance to vote on Tuesday. “This country needs your vote,” she said. She plead for the voters to “fight for the future of our children” and to keep “fighting for women’s rights.” She said that “Hillary Clinton has done this over her entire career,” and that she is “made of steel” and “is unstoppable.”

Gaga’s speech was heartfelt and passionate, but until the polls close on Tuesday we won’t find out if they helped Clinton win.