Watch Katy Perry’s ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ Video

Katy Perry is really pushing forward with her new single, Chained To The Rhythm. After releasing the song less than two weeks ago, the 32 year pop star went on to perform the song at the Grammy Awards, and now she’s released the official music video.

If you thought the original video of a hamster going about his business was going to be the official video of the song, you thought wrong. Perry had been teasing that a video was on the way with various, odd image posts on social media over the last couple of days. There was a hamster running on a wheel above the word “Oblivia”, a 1950’s nuclear family in front of an old TV with an image of a roller coaster on it, an old fashioned ad that said “Enjoy Fire Water”, a rocket ship that said “Bombs Away”, and an image of the words “Love Me At Validation Station.” None of these seemed to fit together, and yet oddly enough when the video came out you’ll see all of these images in it in some way or another. 

The video puts Perry in a science fiction like amusement park, that you would imagine to have been thought up in the 1950’s for a world fair. You see people lining up to run in a hamster’s wheel, Perry on a roller coaster, rides shooting people into the air and a 3D movie with the old fashioned red and green lenses in the glasses. Bob Marley’s grandson Skip, who can be heard in the song, also makes an appearance in the video.  

Perry’s Chained To The Rhythm is all ready a hit, having been streamed over 3 million times on Spotify on it’s first day alone. That in case you were wondering is a record for a single track by a female artist. Now we’re wondering what the next song, and even the album will be like.