Watch Kristin Chenoweth Play a Goddess in ‘American Gods’ Season Finale Sneak Peek

All hail Her Holiness! Kristin Chenoweth plays Ostara, né Easter, Goddess of the Dawn, in a preview for the season 1 finale of Starz’s American Gods, based on the popular Neil Gaiman novel. Watch Us Weekly’s exclusive first look in the video above.

In the sneak peek, Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) has to recruit one final Old God — Chenoweth’s Easter — on the eve of war against the New Gods. But Easter is hard to win over, so Mr. Nancy (Orlando Jones) has to work extra hard to charm her.

Also there to help? The very handsome Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle). After a quick run-in with Jesus Christ at Easter’s home, Shadow prepares to chat with Easter.

“That’s Easter?” he asks Mr. Wednesday hesitantly. “Because people believe in Easter?”

Mr. Wednesday cryptically replies, “Believing is seeing. Gods are real if you believe in them.”

To see if Shadow can get Easter on board, watch the clip above. The season 1 finale of American Gods airs on Starz Sunday, June 18, at 9 p.m. ET.

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