Watch Melissa McCarthy’s Environmental Hero Kia Super Bowl Commercial

While the Super Bowl is the main event this Sunday as the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons, and the halftime show with Lady Gaga is a close a second, the TV commercials that air during it are usually talked about more. And for longer. The first batch are all ready starting to be released, and one of the first is the new Kia commercial starring Melissa McCarthy.

McCarthy is well known for her physical comedy skills, and in the ad she has more than a little help from some CGI. In it she’s called upon to help save the whales, then the trees, ice caps, and finally rhinos. Each time she finds herself in perilous situations, and even though by the end she’s had more than enough of being called into action she continues forward. The point of the commercial is to say that being an Eco warrior is hard, but it’s easy to drive like one in Kia’s new Eco Hybrid car. Best of all, the soundtrack playing throughout is Bonnie Tyler’s Holding Out For A Hero from Footloose. 


The commercial very well could be the most talked about one once the Super Bowl is finished, and at the very least should be one of the top ten.