Watch The Final Logan Trailer

Hugh Jackman’s final turn at playing the mutant Wolverine is right around the corner, and this morning the final trailer for Logan was released. The new footage is bound to raise anticipation to a whole new level. 

The first trailer for Logan arrived in October, and at the time it answered a few long standing questions about the film. For starters we discovered that the movie was featuring a much older Wolverine and Professor Xavier. We also discovered that the mutants had all but become extinct. And if you watched the red band trailer, you also got to see that the film was going to be much more violent than its predecessors. The trailer did leave us with one big question though, who was the girl Dafne Keen was playing? The second trailer removes all doubt.

Dafne Keen will be playing Laura Kinney or X-23, a clone of Logan. In the trailer you get to see her unsheath her claws, as well as kick some serious butt. Unlike a lot of movies, Logan hasn’t given fans a lot of information other than a few visuals from the trailer. Director James Mangold has been using his Instagram account to post a few stills from the film as well, but still not a lot else has been said. The official synopsis only says Logan is caring for an ailing Professor X as they hide out on the Mexican border, and that he is pulled back into the events of the world when a young mutant arrives being pursued by dark forces, which really doesn’t say much more than the trailers do. With this being the final trailer, we’re just going to have to wait for the film to be released on March 3rd.