We Can’t Agree Enough With Tracee Ellis Ross’ Thoughts On Beauty

Tracee Ellis Ross has got beauty, brains and booty (seriously though, #bodygoals). But what we love most is how her beauty radiates from the inside out and emits a natural glow and aura of positive vibes around her like a halo of humility.

Even though we see Ross on our television screens dolled up, she’s quite transparent on social media. In particular, her Instagram account is a safe haven for self-love and self-care, as she casually sports a bare face and her natural curls. If only we could learn from Ross first-hand about embracing natural beauty, right?

Well, while we don’t spend one-on-one time with Ross, her Black-ish costar 17-year-old Yara Shahidi does and has been gifted many gems.

“She’s really taught me how to demonstrate that I have an opinion, especially when it comes to beauty,” Shahidi told PeopleStyle.

“Growing up on the small screen, I had to confront how I felt about beauty at a younger age because I was putting on a full face of makeup to get into character. I had to learn not to feel makeup-dependent, as though I wasn’t finished without it, so it could stay a fun experience of experimenting and self-expression.”

Well, there you have it ladies, right from Ms. Ross herself.