We Tried The Entire New Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick Collection

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick

Clockwise from left to right: Tilt, 714, Studded, and 1993

Last Monday, my version of the best Christmas ever happened one month after December 25: I received every single Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in the new collection. It was one of those “Oh my God, is this real — and do I have to share” — moments and, of course, the answer was yes and yes.

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick

Just to give you a little history, Urban Decay already has the eyeshadow world on lock, with makeup lovers waiting with baited breath for each new Naked palette release. And the brand is easily about to take over the lipstick realm as well. Last year, Urban Decay completely revamped its entire lipstick line, dropping 100 new shades known as Vice Lipstick at the same damn time. Now they’re back with another release just as wicked: 30 new liquid lipsticks in matte and metallized finishes.

Why are liquid lipsticks everywhere these days you ask? Without referring to Kylie Jenner pandemonium, I will tell you if you believe in having the best of both worlds in all aspects of life, liquid lipstick is that thing when it comes to makeup. It has more pigment than your best lipstick, more staying power than your best lipstick, the smooth application you love in a lipgloss, but none of the sticky, icky, gummy, this is gross feel of most glosses.

I wore the shade Amulet the day after I received this gift-wrapped blessing from on high because I’m basically a big kid when it comes to new makeup and have to try everything immediately. I remember applying the brick rose color thinking, This isn’t really matte, but within minutes of me putting on my clothes to head out the door, the lipstick completely dried to a silky, non-shiny texture. The next day — again, big kid with new toys — I wore 714 purposely to see how a bright red color would hold up to…basically, life. After a breakfast of yogurt, granola, and honey and a pre-lunch snack of shelled edamame (easily 50-plus bites), that red lip had not moved one bit. And I could still move my lips across one another without the color cracking or crumbling.

Because I did share my belated Christmas blessing with the other ladies on my team, I also got their impression of the new Vice Liquid Lipsticks and here’s what they had to say:

“The color went on smoothly and didn’t dry out my lips. it stayed on the whole day without a need for reapplication.” — Vanessa Wells, sister of culture editor Veronica Wells

“The lip colors are vibrant and fun. I want to dress up every day just to match the mood and the color of my lips.” –Raven Carter, video producer wearing Tilt above

“These liquid lipsticks are fun; I enjoyed the application with a wand instead of the actual lipstick. It was smooth!” — Quindara Lazenbury, Editorial Intern wearing Studded above