We Were Rooting For You! Shows With Black Leads That Were Canceled This Season

In April, we told you about all of the shows you could look forward to watching in the spring season, but now that it’s about to be summer, a hefty amount of programs have already been axed. And while plenty of shows featuring casts without much diversity were canceled, we couldn’t help but notice many of the shows featuring people of color, particularly as leads, were cut. Check out a few shows that gained a following, but sadly, not a big enough one to stay on air.


Underground was a critically-acclaimed series with pretty good ratings. Sadly, when WGN’s parent company was purchased by the right-leaning Sinclair Group in May, they said they were going to move away from scripted shows, so the series was canceled after two seasons. They felt the ratings weren’t high enough for the money being spent on WGN series.