Wendy Williams Blames Fainting On Dehydration And Being A 53-Year-Old Middle-Age Woman

This morning Wendy Williams was her own hot topic on her talk show after collapsing on live air yesterday.

Viewers in studio and at home were alarmed when they saw the host turn from introducing the last segment of the morning to wearing a look of horror on her face before falling backward and passing out. After the commercial break, Wendy returned to close out the show like a “champ” and this morning she did the same when she returned to set to a rush of applause from the studio audience.

Of course, Wendy had to address the incident which she expressed through tears was “scary,” but as for the cause, Wendy is blaming old age and dehydration.

Explaining that paramedics found her hydration level low when they checked her out, she said, “They filled me with electrolytes mixed with regular water…My blood pressure was fine. My heart rate was fine. Everything was fine. I’m a 53-year-old middle-age woman going through what middle-age women go through. The costume got hot, all of a sudden before passing out I felt like I was in the middle of a campfire.”

Wendy again reiterated that her passing out wasn’t a stunt, nor did she have a heart attack or stroke as some speculated. She was also quick to point out other TV hosts have passed out on air before — and none of them came right back on air. Sounds like she’s back to her old self again.