Wendy Williams Is Talking Ish Again But This Gossip Is Good For Your Health

wendy williams announces toilet talk campaign

We all know talk show host Wendy Williams is never one to shy away from some good gossip and has built a career off of trash talking since as far back as the 80’s. Nothing is exempt from Williams’ sharp tongue including P. Diddy’s sex life, Chris Brown’s medicine cabinet and Lil’ Kim’s love triangles. But recently Williams is using her power of bold bluntness for good to discuss what’s going on in her body and what’s going down in her bathroom.

The “Queen of Radio” recently sat down with EBONY to discuss her Toilet Talk campaign, a partnership with the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) and Allergan and Ironwood Pharmaceuticals that focuses on…well, bowel movements as well as her plant based lifestyle. Williams shares that the project is no different than her past history of being open about anything and everything:

“I don’t shy away from talking about taboo topics, and talking about number two, isn’t any different.”

So why colon health? Williams explains the project stems from her own personal experiences:

“Colon cancer runs in my family so when I turned 50 three years ago, I went for my first colonoscopy. Also, it’s very important for me to go to the bathroom, turn around and inspect before flushing. Not enough people do that. There are over 60 million Americans affected by Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I’ve never been one of them, but oh god can you imagine?!”

Williams stresses that taking a tour of your toilet every once in while is necessary:

“That looking thing is also really important. Don’t just go, wipe, and flush. Go and then turn around and look at it. What does it look like? If you’re having a problem, consult your medical professional.”

Williams also reveals that she’s made strides along with her family to eat as clean as possible as a part of a healthy lifestyle. She’s a pescatarian only eating an “occasional peace of fish” but otherwise does not eat meat. Her son also partakes in a plant-based diet, eating beans and rice as well, and her husband for the most part follows suit. She shares that eating clean is a lot easier when you have the support of your friends and family:

“It’s really easy for me because I’m surrounded by people who also eat clean like me. Why is it important? Because I want to live on the other side of 50. I’ve got another 50 years, but I want them to be good.”

But don’t get it twisted. Eating healthy doesn’t mean the 5’11” New Jersey native doesn’t indulge in some soul food:

“I don’t eat collard greens with ham hocks anymore. I don’t even eat collard greens with turkey wings, but I like collard greens and hot sauce. If you have that collard green cabbage mix and then put some hot sauce on it with some nice seasoning— seasoning is important.”

And when she does find herself craving something heartier, she opts for plant-based meat and notes the lifestyle change definitely has her family feeling a lot lighter:

“There are so many great brands that make good plant-based meat. There are mushrooms that taste like oysters; there are mushrooms that taste like chicken. It’s been two years since me and my family have been eating this way, and I have to say … that um … I go regularly.”

Williams also discussed what she’s working on with the Hunter Foundation, a non-profit she and husband Kevin Hunter founded whose mission is to “forge alliances with public and private organizations for the purposes of helping women and men overcome addiction and provide opportunities for them to improve their lives”. She notes starting the foundation was difficult but well worth it:

“This is like a dream come true. We try to help people. So far the most impacted have been the girls that we send away to summer camp. A foundation is a very difficult thing to start up. Once you get it up and running, the world is your oyster, you know? I think the first summer, years ago, there were maybe eight [girls]. This summer we’re sending 40 girls to a camp. The one with the mosquitoes that don’t have viruses. We’re sending them to the good camp.”

Wendy may be messy but at least her colon is clean. You can read the interview in its entirety here, and also visit to learn about better bowel health.