Wendy Williams Says She Was Groped By A Famous Male Guest And The Internet Figured Out Who

Ever since all of the stories of assault and even rape surrounding Harvey Weinstein have come out, many people, famous and everyday individuals, women and men alike, have come forward to share their stories of sexual harassment and abuse. Wendy Williams is now one of those people.

During a show this week, Williams revealed that a famous guest groped her on live television. She shared her story while speaking on the scandals involving Charlie Rose.

Wendy Williams Gilbert Gottfried


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“My worst guest, I’m not going to name. But I can tell you this, it had to do with some groping and you all saw it but didn’t say a word,” she said. “And I felt it and I didn’t say a word. My staff saw it and that guest will never be here anymore. He’s not relevant anymore anyway.”

“You know I hug my guests,” she continued. “He hugs me but lays in my breasts inappropriately. And I didn’t know what to do because I’m brand new on TV. Where as now, I would definitely push somebody through a glass coffee table. I didn’t know what to do.”

Fans of Williams soon tracked down a picture of the talk show host hugging a guest whose head was nuzzled in between her breasts in 2011, and identified the man as comedian Gilbert Gottfried:

Inside Edition, who covered the story, reached out to Gottfried about the inappropriate hug and well, he told them he couldn’t remember the details of the incident:

Williams hasn’t affirmed or denied that it was the 62-year-old comedian she had the uncomfortable encounter with, but Twitter pulled out any and all receipts on the issue.

Interesting enough though, just a few days ago, Williams said on her show that Terry Crews coming forward about the sexual assault he’s faced in Hollywood isn’t “brave,” and that, in fact, his decision to name celebrity agent Adam Venit as his assailant would cost him opportunities.

“No, it’s not brave — he’s just talking,” she said. “But it may have a really negative affect on his career. Do you know what I mean? Being all black, and being all chatty. And this guy, the agent — he named names. Terry is going in. It will, in my opinion, affect his career.”

Guess Williams, like Family Matters actor Darius McCrary, believes that while it’s a good thing to speak up about being inappropriately touched, it’s not a smart thing to name names. Interesting indeed…