Wet Seal Is Officially Closing All Of Its Stores

Just last week we reported the news of trendy women’s retailer and one-stop shop for all thing prom, cocktail and after 5, BCBG, was closing nearly 500 of its stores and focusing their sales online. Let’s just put it like this, malls aren’t as popular as they were a decade ago and now suburban destinations like Aeropostale (filed for bankruptcy in 2016) and Macys (revealed they are shutting down 100 locations) are closing its doors left and right.

Now, yet another retailer is going the ever-growing list. Teen retailer Wet Seal recently announced that they are planning to shut down its remaining stores across the U.S.

In a letter dated January 20, the company notified employees in the company’s Irvine, California headquarters that the office was permanently shutting down and laying off its workers, according to The Wall Street Journal. Currently, Wet Seal has 148 employees in its headquarters, according to a report filed to the California Employment Development Department, and lists 171 locations in 42 states on its web site.

With fast-fashion labels like Zara and HM dominating the brick-and-mortar and e-commerce markets, there’s little wiggle room to survive as we’ve also witnessed with the closing of American Apparel. While there’s no word if Wet Seal will continue to live on through online shopping, we suggest you visit your local store sooner than later and stock up on clothes and accessories at better than bargain prices.