What Do You Make Of T.I. Telling Tiny She Can’t Go On Tour With Xscape?

Anderson Paak has a song called “Come Down.” And before he begins singing it, he says “Y’all n*ggas got me hot.” That’s the line that came to mind after I watched this clip from “T.I. and Tiny The Family Hustle.”

In it, the newly estranged couple, T.I. and Tiny discuss her going on tour with Xscape. According to T.I., later in the clip, he says that he was initially excited about the tour but when Tiny mentioned that she was going to be taking Heiress with her, that’s when all hell broke loose.
You can watch it in the video below.


Honestly, there are several things going on here. And most of them stomach churning. There’s the fact that the second Tiny has an opportunity to advance her career, he threatens to shut it down–after all she’s done to support his, especially during those trips to prison.

The fact that he said he would shut it down instead of offering suggestions to help. To either hire a nanny for the travel or to stay at home with him while Tiny travels.

The general tone and timbre of his voice. It was too aggressive and too controlling, particularly for a man who is no longer her husband.

It was gross.

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