What Do You Think About Oprah Playing Samantha In “Sex And The City”?



For whatever reason, the women of the “Sex and the City” franchise are hellbent on doing a third movie. Personally, I don’t need it. I can’t imagine any life change significant enough to warrant a third film but you can’t tell Sarah Jessica Parker and several of her other cast members that. They all seem to be on board. With the exception of one person. Actress Kim Cattrall, who portrayed the sex crazed Samantha in the film, has openly and repeatedly and publicly refused to do another film.

In fact, she spilled a little tea and suggested that her relationship with her costars, or lack thereof, contributed to her refusal. But according to Cattrall, all hope is not lost. She suggested that instead of doing the film without Samantha, they cast a woman of color to take on her role.

Then last week, Parker sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and suggested that she play Samantha. The suggestion was made in test but it was quickly followed up by one from Cattrall.

I could easily see Tiffany Haddish play the role of Samantha. And Sofia Vergara is essentially marketed as a sex pot—so that’s not exactly going against the grain.

But Oprah?! Now that is something entirely different. A stretch for sure. Still, something about seeing our beloved, maternal, inspirational, bad ass Oprah take on a character who’s sexually unashamed would be something I would run to see.

What do you think about Oprah in this role? Is it a stretch? Would you watch?

Looks like people want Oprah to be everything, don’t they?