What Does Issa Rae’s Mom Think Of Her Insecure Sex Scenes?

With Insecure, one of the things Issa Rae is proud of is the fact that she can showcase the sexuality of Black folks through her love scenes. She enjoys displaying that in non-stereotypical ways.

Issa Rae Insecure, Insecure sex scenes

“For HBO, we have so much license to show black people loving and f–king,” she said in a recent chat with Cosmopolitan. “Why wouldn’t we take advantage of that? We don’t get to see black lust in a normalized and natural way that isn’t hypersexualized. Young black people have sex. Sometimes it’s good sex, sometimes it’s bad sex, sometimes it’s revenge sex. There’s so many different facets. It’s such a privilege to show that and it feels so real. The writer in me is always excited to write those scenes. The performer is like, ‘Oh, sh-t. Why the f–k did I write this because I got to do it?’”

For viewers, the sex scenes are refreshing to see, but for Issa Rae’s mom? Not so much. In an interview with PEOPLE, Rae said that she doesn’t want her mom to watch this new season because the heat is going to be turned up.

“I don’t think she should watch this season,” she says. “She hates cursing and didn’t let us watch R-rated movies until we were 17.”

Her mother and mom’s circle of friends could barely handle it the first time around.

“My mom said, ‘They’re embarrassed for me!’” Rae added, telling her, “‘I don’t know what to tell you, Mom—I didn’t make the show for them. I’m sorry!’”

My mom asked to be an extra in the show and I was like, “Cool.” I asked the team and @msmelina was like, “If you don’t give your mom a speaking part!” Shout out to Potential Donor. #InsecureHBO

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But any light embarrassment didn’t keep Ms. Delyna Diop from wanting to make another cameo on the show like she did last season. If you’ll recall, Rae’s mother appeared on the “Real as F–k” episode as a potential donor for We Got Y’all. Rae told Complex the jury is out on whether or not a cameo will happen a second time around.

“She asked,” Rae said. “I was like, ‘You were in Season 1 already.’ She got a speaking role as a potential donor in our fundraiser episode, and so then she asked me before this season, she shot like, ‘Oh, so what am I gonna do this year?’ And I was like, ‘Mom, you got your… like, you can’t just pop up like you were…’”

Didn’t sound like a no to me, so stay tuned for more greatness from Mama Diop! Oh, and Issa, of course.