What It Actually Means To Be A Supportive Partner

Being supportive is a rather broad and confusing concept. If you believe you know what’s best for your partner, then you might think being supportive means doing and saying anything that pushes him in that direction. Or, if you believe your partner should just indulge any idea that comes into his head, then you might think saying, “Yes!” to everything he suggests for his own life and career is the way to go. Ultimately, being a supportive partner requires a hybrid of both of those approaches. A lot of relationships fall apart because one or both people feel that their partner doesn’t support them in their dreams and goals, which leaves them feeling like they have two live two separate lives—the one where they go after their dreams, and the one at home, where they don’t even talk about those dreams. Nobody wants that. Here’s what it actually means to be a supportive partner.


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Stop what you’re doing and listen

First off, learn to identify your partner’s serious voice (when he needs your full attention). Second off, when your partner is talking to you about something really important, put down the cell phone, close the laptop, stop brushing the dog’s teeth and really listen. Sit near him, look at him, and make him understand that you’re fully present. Having someone fold laundry while you talk about something important can be disheartening.