When Do The Tasha St. Patricks Of The World Get Tired Of Being “Ride-Or-Die” Chicks?

The level of excitement that my husband and I had for the Season 4 premiere of Power on Sunday night was unmatched. We waited for the kids to go to bed, heated up our dinner, sat on the couch and gazed at the television as we watched Ghost’s life continue to unravel — with help from his former mistress, Angela.

Power Tasha

As we watched this show, and even as I thought back to seasons prior, I couldn’t help but think about Ghost’s wife Tasha and how she’s been affected by everything. You have a woman who has been with her husband for many years, understands “the game,” helps him with the business deals, takes care of his children and is the true definition of a “ride or die chick.” However, our protagonist has been emotionally removed from the relationship for quite some time.

Even though it’s fiction, I’ve always wondered why Tasha continued to stay. She’s tried to move on before (remember when she was supposed to run away with Shawn?), but it was an unsuccessful attempt, so she went back to her husband, back to being the ever-slighted Mrs. St. Patrick. Has she stayed to ensure their “business” continues to thrive? Did she always believe things with Angela would fall apart and wanted to be there to pick up the pieces? Or does she simply love him and want to remain loyal?

While watching the premiere, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would take for a woman in such a situation, fact or fiction, to say enough is enough. When does it not pay to ride or die?

Recently, Atlanta rapper T.I. and Xscape member Tiny announced their split. It seems like they’ve been down this road several times, though — publicly falling out and then getting back together. With cheating allegations aimed at T.I. over the years and rumors about his controlling way, I would think that Tiny would have long become sick and tired. However, it’s comments like the following that give me insight, albeit the foolish kind, into why she’s stayed thus far. “So how can a man…they keep throwing it and keep throwing it,” Tiny said during Essence’s Yes, Girl! podcast. “Like, how are they supposed to stay normal and just faithful when this is going on all day, all night? It’s a lot.”

I can’t say that I would be surprised if she decided not to continue with the divorce this time, but I would continue to wonder if she’s happy. And is she, as well as other women in similar situations, proud to be a ride or die chick even if it doesn’t earn her the respect she deserves?

Making the decision to marry someone shouldn’t be taken lightly. A person should understand that marriage is a lifetime commitment and not have the “let’s see how this goes” mentality. With that being said, I completely understand that a married couple is a team and both a man and a woman should stick by each other through thick and thin. However, I don’t think that a woman’s pride, self-worth and respect are worth the cost of staying with a man whose actions wreak havoc on the home and family unit.

A woman should only “ride or die” with her man if he is worth riding with and if he’s doing right in the relationship. If that’s the case, then hit cruise control and ride all day long. But if he’s not, why continue to pretend that he’s some sort of prize? Why be a “ride or die” when you’re the only party in your relationship who is riding for it?