Where Did The Time Go?! Celebrity Kids Who Grew Up Really, Really Fast


Kids grow up at a scary pace these days.

Ok, so they always have, but I just so happen to no longer be one of those kids, so I watch everyone else’s kids in shock and awe. And there are some celebrity kids who grow up so fast and to be such fancy young adults that we can’t help but wonder where the time went. Like Wendy Williams’s son, Kevin Hunter, Jr.

One minute she was telling us he was a young teen messing around with synthetic marijuana, and the next, he’s a young man accompanying her around the city looking quite buff and different than we remember:

Again, where did the time go?! But Kevin Jr., is one of many famous children of celebrities who were once wee tots, but are now graduating from high school, taller than their parents and turning heads. Hit the flip for a few young men and women who are not little kids anymore.