White Man Goes On Racist Rant Once Black Woman Says She’s Not Interested

Go Cold Turkey

What can we say ladies, everyone who claims to be for you really isn’t. And the minute you do something they don’t like, assert your independence and autonomy as an individual, that’s when they lose their minds. Thankfully, it’s also the time when true colors are exposed.

That’s what happened to a Black woman on a dating app recently. A Black woman matched—or was in communication with a White man who went by the alias “Coastalgui99”

The conversation started off with Coastalgui complimenting the physical attributes of this Black woman, her legs particularly.

But something, either in that comment or in the ones before it, let her know that she didn’t want to speak to him anymore.

And she told him so.

The White man went from complimentary to contemptuous, calling the woman everything but a child of God, including more racial slurs than he should have been able to fit into such a short text conversation.

While I would have been enraged by such an occurrence and lost all cool and class, this woman did the smart thing by taking screen shots and sharing them with the internet.

They were posted by The ShadeRoom.

TSR STAFF: Kyle Anfernee @Kyle.Anfernee #Roommates, you never know what you’re getting yourself into when you sign up on these dating sites. One woman was in for a rude awakening after she turned a potential lover down. ______________________________ The guy went from complimenting the woman on her nice legs to calling her just about every racist word you could possibly call a black person. ______________________________ The woman held her composure and–Read More At

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How do you think you would have responded in this situation?