Who Is Tasha The Bank Teller? 10 Things To Know About Insecure’s DomiNque Perry

tasha Insecure

We’re still sad about the way things turned out for Lawrence and Issa during last night’s season finale of Insecure. We’re also a wee bit (okay, very) angry at the prospect of Tasha the bank teller possibly being his new lady. However, we’re excited for what the future holds for the series, which has proven to have some really great writing. We’re also excited to see more of DomiNque Perry, who plays Tasha, the flirtatious bank teller who finally gets Lawrence in her bed by the end of the finale. But who is the beauty? After doing some digging, we were able to find out a few things about the model and actress. Get to know more about Perry:

So many of my friends and others are posting pics of jet! And it hasnt even come out yet. Thanks so much!

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Jet Beauty of the Week

In 2012 (the week of October 22), Perry was featured as JET‘s Beauty of the Week. When explaining why she was happy to be the Beauty of the Week, Perry told the publication, “I’ve wanted to be a part of JET since I was younger. It’s an all-American dream for a young lady to be a JET Beauty of the Week. It embodies class to me and I’ve always aspired to be a part of that.”