“Who Knew Ava Duvernay Had Bars?” The A Wrinkle In Time Director Talks About Being An Emcee Back In The Day


We all know Ava Duvernay to be the queen of directing, but there’s a hidden talent that the 45-year-old has kept under wraps for awhile…until now.

Ava Duvernay stopped by Sway in the Morning on Tuesday to promote A Wrinkle in Time, which hits theaters nationwide tomorrow. I’m sure she planned on just talking about that project, but if you’ve ever seen any of Sway Calloway’s interviews, then you know that his introductions are lengthy. He brings up things about a guest’s past that they have probably forgotten about. His research goes uber deep.

So for DuVernay, Sway went into the vault and came out with some info about the Queen Sugar creator that I would have never guessed – and neither would you.

Duvernay used to be an emcee! And guess what her name was? Eve!

Adorably embarrassed to even be called an “emcee” and even more embarrassed to admit that she had the same name as the Ruff Ryder’s Eve, she makes a clear distinction between herself and other legendary ladies in hip-hop, one of them being Heather B. who co-hosts with Sway.

“Well, I’m sitting right here next to Heather B., so I just want to modulate the emcee-ness here because you got a legend over here (pointing to Heather B.)…The first time I started practicing art was as an emcee, a poet, you know… [and] It just broke my heart when a more famous, more gorgeous Eve came out.”

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Sway went further into the vault and brought out a clip of the Compton native spitting some bars, and I have to admit that the filmmaker’s flow was fire. Sway said that her bars are what he first came to know her for, and for all of our enjoyment, we get to hear a younger DuVernay bring the heat when she was a part of The Good Life, an alternative hip-hop arts movement in L.A.

Listen to Sway’s intro at the top of the interview, and then you can hear Ava immediately speak on her emcee days, along with a clip of her rapping. Didn’t she bring it?