Why Brittany Cartwright Stayed With Jax Taylor After Cheating Scandal

Wondering why Brittany Cartwright took Jax Taylor back after that cheating scandal on Vanderpump Rules? So was Andy Cohen!

During the season 6 premiere, the show revealed that Jax had cheated on Brittany with Faith Stowers, a former SUR employee. A recording later surfaced where Jax allegedly trashed his girlfriend, saying he didn’t want to settle down and that he wasn’t attracted to her.

Brittany Cartwright
Brittany Cartwright

Regardless, Brittany is still with Jax and Andy Cohen put her on the spot during the Monday, January 15, episode of Watch What Happens Live. “Jax successfully changed the narrative from what was on the tape to the fact that you had brought it out,” the host said. “How did you let him do that, or did I miss something?”

“Everything can’t be shown on the show — it’s never gonna happen,” Brittany, 28, explained. “I was so pissed. I felt like he was just trying to turn everything around on me and trying to make me feel guilty. But I’m just glad that I finally had a badass moment and was like, ‘Everyone, listen!’ … When you’re going through something like this, you don’t know what you’re feeling ever.”

She also said that Jax, 38, retracted his statements on the recording “a bunch of times” and apologized. “Obviously we know that things were said like that. I don’t know how to explain it. I was so confused,” she told Cohen. “I was loving him. I was hating him. I couldn’t stand to be around him and then I wanted him to be right beside me all the time. It was such a confusing time.”

When 95 percent of the audience voted that she shouldn’t have taken him back, she responded with, “I already know that.”

After the cheating scandal, Jax told Us Weekly exclusively that he was willing to do whatever it takes to make their relationship work — even if that means marriage.

“Seeing how she is with people, seeing how she is with me, I don’t really want to be with anybody else. And then I also don’t want her to be with anybody else,” the SUR bartender told Us in December. “And so, I don’t want to lose her. So if marriage is what we need to do, then that’s what we’re gonna do.”

However, that doesn’t mean they’ve already tied the knot. Despite Jax wearing a ring on that finger in his Instagram stories, Brittany confirmed on Watch What Happens Live that they did not get married. “He likes to wear it. I think he’s getting the itch or something,” she said.

Vanderpump Rules airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. Watch What Happens Live airs on Bravo Sundays through Thursdays at 11 p.m. ET.

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