Why Is Tami Roman Getting Away Scot-Free In This Evelyn Lozada Rumor Drama?


Jennifer Williams is wrong.

In case you thought you were going to open up this post and see me caping for her, I just thought I would make it clear from the start that I’m not on her side.

When it comes to this whole ugly situation with the rumor about Evelyn Lozada sleeping with friend Shaunie O’Neal’s ex (both parties claim that is a lie), she helped the rumor gain traction. She told Tami “a year ago” about it, while still on bad terms with Evelyn, and multiple women in the group found out about it but sat on it for fear that it would hurt Shaunie. Tami did the same thing — until a few episodes ago when she let the cat out of the bag in a vague way to Shaunie.

After Tami dropped dime on Jenn by telling Shaunie about the rumor, the group pretty much turned on Ms. Williams, with the exception of Evelyn and Kristen. Jenn ended up becoming the pariah of the group. Things came to a head last night when all the women (sans Evelyn) came together to support an anti-gun violence campaign Jackie Christie put together. Kristen, playing shoddy peacemaker, told Malaysia that Jenn had her own “receipts” on Tami, but when tasked to show them, Jenn couldn’t find anything to share. Child, it was embarrassing.

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By the end of the conversation, everyone in the group was pretty much clowning her, and Tami was close to putting hands on her.

“The difference between me and you is I can admit to what I said,” Tami said to her before a few B-words were thrown. “You haven’t admitted to nothing, and you know why? Because you’re too thirsty and you’re trying to save your a–.”

Tis true. Jennifer was ducking and dodging the truth after being thirsty to create some drama. And since it’s come out that she started the entire thing, she should just own up to it, apologize for that (not for a role in the drama, but for being puppet master) and let the consequences be what they are.

But will Tami admit that she was a little thirsty, too? As Malaysia said, Jennifer hoped to expose Evelyn when they were no longer friends. But at the same time, Tami was trying to expose people, too. She hoped to expose Jennifer by telling Shaunie about the rumor because she knew it would hurt Jenn and Evelyn. She saw that Evelyn was still the MGIC (Mean Girl in Charge) and that Jennifer was comfortably getting back in her good graces (and getting really messy), so Tami decided to put a pin in that situation, and maybe bring Evelyn down a notch in Shaunie’s eyes — kill two birds with one stone. (We all saw how upset sis was that Shaunie was laughing at Evelyn’s jokes about Tami but not the other way around…) She hasn’t taken any blame in the mess because all of the attention has been put on Jennifer. And what Jenn doesn’t realize is that until she owns up to her actions, she can’t implicate anyone else.

However, let’s stop acting like Tami’s intentions were pure. She may be trying to change now, but when she revealed the gossip, it was same ol’, old-school Tami.

She knew about the rumor a year ago and could have said something to protect Shaunie soon after it came out. Jennifer sat on the information when it clearly couldn’t be proven, but Tami sat on it until she could use it to her advantage. She put it out there to allow an implosion to occur within their group. It was a successful plan that it looks like Jennifer will pay for for the rest of the season, including when she gets a chair thrown at her by Malaysia later on. But for Tami to act as though her hands are clean is interesting to watch. You knew something messy, you knew it wasn’t based in fact, but you brought it back from the dead a year later to be vindictive.

So while Jennifer might not be able to admit to what she started, Tami won’t admit to why exactly she finished it, either. And for that, if Shaunie is to be oh so done with Jenn, she might want to rethink her friendship with Tami, too.