Will Mahershala Ali and Lupita Nyong’o Bring Adult Content to 4:44?

Since ads went up in New York and Los Angeles earlier this week, fans have wondered exactly what is “4:44” and what does it have to do with Tidal? Rumors included a new album from the streaming service’s lead investor, Jay-Z, but now a clip has appeared that gives the impression that it may not have much to do with the “Watch The Throne” rapper’s catalog at all.

HYPEBEAST reports that fans were teased with more details about the triple digits during Wednesday’s broadcast of the NBA Game 3 Finals. A clip aired that didn’t give much more detail except that “4:44” is a collaboration between Tidal and Sprint. The one-minute clip features a shirtless Ali boxing with Danny Glover appearing as his couch. Nyong’o doesn’t even appear, but her name is featured in the credits to inform fans that at some point the Black Panther star will have some screen time.

No other details have been revealed except that the visual has a rating of NC-17. Many are speculating the meaning behind “4:44” noting the Carter family’s fondness of the number with Jay-Z’s birthday being on December 4th and Bey’s on September 4th and the couple rocking matching “IV” tattoos on their fingers.

I’m all here for a sweaty Mahershala but the NC-17 rating is making me wonder exactly what the folks over at Tidal have up their sleeves. You can take a peek at the clip below: