“Will She Forgive Her Sister Again?” Keyshia Cole’s Sister, Neffe, Apologizes For Letting Her Down


Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh took to Instagram yesterday to apologize to her sister, singer Keyshia Cole. The two have had many fallings-out over the years, and this new apology comes after what “Neffe” calls a demonstration of her putting her “pride down.”

Who doesn’t have some sort of family drama? For Keyshia Cole, her family drama came into our living rooms with BET’s Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. The show, which aired from 2006 – 2008, introduced us to Neffeteria Pugh, Keyshia’s older sister, who showed us that if you think you have an obnoxious sibling, then think again because Neffe’s behavior would easily put yours to shame.

And over the years, Neffe’s behavior is exactly what has separated her from Keyshia. It appears that the two sisters haven’t been speaking, yet again, so Neffe, after what appears to be some soul-searching, chose to apologize to her younger sister on social media writing that “Someone of a wise mind told me to humble myself and accept my actions and put my pride down.”

Dear @keyshiacole first let me start off by saying I love you with all my heart, I have been thinking of you for awhile now and I must say I miss my sister! Every since you came and got myself and my children from Sacramento things really haven’t been the same between us, I can go on and on about why it’s not but it will do no good to do that because our past will not predict our future. Forgive me if I hurt you, forgive me if I didn’t support you, forgive me if I let you down, forgive me if I embrassed you, forgive if I didn’t do well in your eyes because you have wanted more for me period! I’m sorry for whatever I may have done for you to be distanced from me and my children… I don’t know why you keep Dj from us but as a mother I’m sure you have your reasons…. Someone of a wise mind told me to humble myself and accept my actions and put my pride down.. I love and miss you more than you and I can’t go another day without my sister knowing this, the God in me will not allow it… My heart has been suffering and I’m ready to be healed and this is apart of my healing… (Sam Elite Robert Latifah Ellis) forgive me as well… Now I can move on?

A post shared by Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh (@therealneffeteria) on Mar 18, 2018 at 11:24am PDT

Could Neffe’s ability to humble herself have anything to do with her appearance on Iyanla: Fix My Life? She appeared on the show last year where Iyanla challenged her to confront the “Neffe” character, a person whom Iyanla called a “nasty, vile, guttersnipe right up out the hood.” Although Neffe didn’t take that assessment very well, for all those that have seen Neffe’s behavior on TV, there’s no way you couldn’t agree.

So, it’s no wonder why Keyshia would want to distance herself from her big sister. And keep in mind, this isn’t the first offense.

Neffe published a book titled Price I Paid in 2012, in which she talks about the ups and downs of her relationship with her famous little sister. At the time, Keyshia took to Twitter to air out how she felt about the things Neffe said about her in the book.

“How many of ya’ll have leaches in your own family? I need to know I’m not alone! B*tch talk about me in ya book and wearing the shoes I gave u on the cover?” according to receipts from TheJasmineBrand. “F*cking Bogus! If it wasn’t for my name, people making money off that alone. They would have the courage to say  they just don’t like me…I see I gotta take it bak to the days when I used to slap a b*tch tho!”

Neffe responded in a way that further promoted her book not even mentioning her sister by name.

“I am very great full [sic] to have wore a pair of shoes for my book cover that was given to me what a blessing ? God is so amazing…I am also grateful for my supporters and fans family and peers who have bought my book and made sure I know about it:) thank you# u rock…Most of all if u have not purchased my book please do so on kindle/nook…”

Eventually, the pair made up, and according to BET, the picture that Neffe posted yesterday was actually from when they reunited after their tit-for-tat exchange at a Steve Madden shoe launch. At the time, Neffe tweeted the same picture with a different caption.

“You cannot separate #Blood it’s infused with love, power the ability 2 move on 2 what God has 4 his children!”

While it’s always nice to see someone give a sincere apology, you have to really think about whether accepting it also means allowing that person back into your life. For Keyshia, she has tried and tried and tried with her sister. It remains to be seen what this new apology means for their relationship. What do you think Keyshia should do?