Women Of Married To Medicine Split On Whether Or Not Reality Show To Blame For Their Marital Drama

Married to Medicine divorce


It hasn’t been an easy time for the women of Married to Medicine. From Dr. Jackie Walters filing for divorce days after it came out (in a very public way) that husband Curtis had an affair, and Lisa Nicole Cloud confronting husband Darren about his mistress, to Dr. Simone Whitmore announcing last week that she was divorcing husband Cecil after their marital issues played out on the show, unions have certainly been tested for those on the Bravo hit.

But if you ask the cast, including Dr. Jackie, if they think that putting their marriages on reality TV is the reason for these recent splits and issues, opinions are mixed.

“Reality TV has little or nothing to really do with why you’re getting a divorce I feel,” said Dr. Jackie to “You’re just going through some stuff, the same stuff that your girlfriend who may not go to work every day or maybe your girlfriend next door who is working 10 jobs every day, you just don’t get a chance to see it play out.”

Dr. Jackie actually said that if it had not been for the show, she wouldn’t have had so much support from people, particularly her co-stars, as she dealt with Curtis and the cheating scandal.

“I didn’t get a chance to process it. It happened, we started filming. You got the real, raw, unprocessed, ‘I don’t know what to do, let me lean on my girls for help’ Dr. Jackie,” she said. “Because if I could have kept that hidden, nobody would have known about that. That would have been in the deep dark — the vault, for years. But I didn’t get a chance to because it came to me very public and I had to live it out, and fortunately, I had girls who were open and honest. They asked the hard questions, but I felt the support.”

As for cast members who have been able to maintain their relationships on the series, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, married for almost 20 years, believes that reality TV does indeed put a strain on your marriage — and a magnifying glass.

“I agree with Jackie partially,” she said. “I do feel like going into reality TV, of course like we said, it magnifies the problems you already have. But it’s something about seeing it that you may not have seen without seeing it on TV that may ignite something that may not have happened, or may have happened anyway, but expedited it. I was able to watch and see the love my husband has for me so it actually enhanced my marriage.”

For the record, Dr. Jackie and Curtis seem to be on the road to reconciliation. They were spotted together at an event in December, all smiles. A source said around that time, “They love each other. After much reflection and couple’s therapy, Dr. Jackie realizes that she’s not ready to walk away from a man that loves her.”

“Curtis moved back home,” the source added.

As for Dr. Simone, she seems pretty set on moving forward with a divorce, saying she no longer feels loved in a marriage that has lasted more than 30 years. She’s thankful for the support she’s received from everyone, particularly online: