You Ok? Nicki Minaj Blames Baby Stormi, Spotify, Racism & Sexism For Queen Debuting At No. 2


We’ve suspected for some time now that Nicki Minaj hasn’t been in the best place. It seemed that perhaps she was getting away from the art, she was preoccupied with the opinions of too many other [often irrelevant] people and it was causing a crack in the facade. But in the days since her latest album Queen debuted, things have only gone from bad to worse.

First, there was the extensive back and forth between her and DJ Self, Safaree etc. It reeked of a transparent attempt at promoting her album. Still, for all of her drama, it didn’t seem to work. Travis Scott’s AstroWorld debuted at number 1, with Queen coming in at number 2. And sadly, she couldn’t take it. In response, she fired off a series of tweets sharing her…disappointment.

Nah sis. It sounded like you were dead serious. After all, I don’t know too many people who joke and play about other people’s kids. Not to mention this is a strategy we’ve seen employed thousands of times by Nicki Minaj. The minute she feels she’s being underappreciated, she speaks about her plight as if it’s one common to women who don’t occupy her position. Then she wants to draw attention to the plight of other women, despite her history.

Whatever is going on here, issa problem.

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