You Won’t Believe What T-Boz Went Through To Adopt Her Son Chance

When T-Boz was diagnosed with sickle-cell anemia, doctors told her she’d never be able to have children of her own. The singer defied the odds when she welcomed daughter Chase Anela Rolison on October 20, 2000. And, again, the TLC frontwoman has overcome an obstacle to motherhood, adopting son Chance in 2016 after a years-long journey.

T-Boz opened up about the heartbreaking experience in her memoir, A Sick Life, which was released earlier this month. According to People, a few years ago the 47-year-old made plans to adopt the child of a woman in her hometown of Des Moines, Iowa, who’d become pregnant. But on the day the agreement was to be finalized the mother changed her mind.

“I had brought everything and got his room together,” T-Boz wrote. “[the birth mother] stood my mom up at the lawyer’s office when it was time to sign papers. I was hurt.”

In 2015, that same woman became pregnant again and promised the baby to T-Boz. This time she stuck to her word and nine months after he was born, T-Boz brought her son Chance home in May of 2016.

“We all just bust out crying,” she wrote of the moment the adoption was finalized. “I’m not even a happy crier, ever, but I was bawling! I was so relieved because you love this person with all your heart — and to know that someone can still take him from you? I couldn’t imagine. I was so relieved once that part was over.”

The mother of two said her son has been nothing but a “blessing” to her and his big sister, Chase, writing, “Chance has brought new life and fulfillment in our house and made us feel even more complete, and I can’t thank his birth mother enough for that.”

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We’re happy T-Boz finally got her happy ending after all she’s been through.

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